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Financial Counseling Services


The start of the school year is a great time to take advantage of the Benefit Fund’s Financial Counseling Program. You can schedule an appointment with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ from Stacey Braun Associates Inc.


A Stacy Braun representative can also be available to come to YOUR SCHOOL to discuss your financial interests.


Just call Stacey Braun Assoc. at (888) 949-1925 to make an appointment at a time of your convenience.


The Financial Counseling Program offers you and your family in person and/or telephonic access to a Certified Financial Planner® or Registered Investment Advisor from the NYSUT Member Benefits endorsed firm of Stacey Braun Associates Inc. This service is provided at NO COST TO YOU.  The Chappaqua Congress of Teachers Benefit Fund covers the entire cost of this service. 


Stacey Braun representatives are prohibited from soliciting investment and/or insurance products.



Financial consultations are designed to address your specific financial questions and situations.


Consultations can be in-person, over the phone or a combination of both.  Meetings can be used to review your financial situation, address specific financial issues or questions, and identify other areas that may require attention. Consultations can take place at school locations, a NYSUT office or Stacey Braun’s office in downtown Manhattan.   Any family member or significant other may attend a consultation with you.



Topics that can be Discussed with Planner (Among Others):


1. Pre- & Post-Retirement Planning

2. 403(b) & 457(b) Plan Advice

3. Pension Option Analysis

4. Mutual Fund Questions

5. Establishing Risk Tolerance

6. Asset Allocation

7. Mortgages & Refinancing

8. Debt Management

9. Savings

10. Cash Flow

11. Long-Term Care Insurance

12. Estate & Inheritance Planning

13. Survivorship Planning

14. Financial Advice relating to Divorce

15. Tax Planning

16. Life & Disability Insurance

17. Budgeting

18. IRA Rollovers

19. Social Security

20. Education Funding

21. Elder Care Analysis

22. General Financial Education



Other Features of the Program:


1. You can request assistance in choosing a 403(b) retirement savings program provider available through your employer. Likewise, you can get assistance on reviewing your investment selections offered by your current 403(b) provider.


2. Access to Stacey Braun's password-protected website and email helpdesk is also included in the program.



3. You can also request customized summaries and reports on financial issues reviewed during your consultation. These summaries may provide a detailed review and recommendation for your current situation. Reports may be available upon request following completion of a consultation with a Stacey Braun Planner.




Toll Free Phone Number: 888-949-1925



User ID: chappaqua

Password: money



Remember, these services are paid by the Benefit Fund and are free to you!!


Stacey Braun Planners are prohibited from selling investment or insurance products.




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