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September 1

Greeley cafeteria on Tuesday, September 1st,  from 9:00 am until 2:30 pm

Please bring your Aetna card and your own pen.


The folks from CVS will be the providing free flu shots to all with proof of insurance. If you do not have Aetna, please check with CVS to see what other insurance they cover. The clinic is open to anyone who is in the building on Tuesday. We will not be able to provide the flu shot forms in advance, but they will be there that morning, so people can stop by pick them up, and come back later, or just wait in line.


FYI, Massachusetts has mandated that all persons between six months through college get the flu shot before 12/31/20.  I just read in today's paper that it is suggested that earlier the shot is received the better off we will all be.


Caring, Committed, Together,

~CCT Benefits Fund

Overview of Your Dental, Vision and Legal Benefits


August 25, 2020

CCTBF Members,

There have been some updates to the offerings of your benefit fund and we want to be sure you can take full advantage of all available options.

Here's what you need to know:

All the above information and more can be found on the Chappaqua Congress of Teachers Benefit Fund ( site. We revised the Plan Booklet as well as the table of contents to provide you with quick, easy access to information you may need. If you can't find the specific information you need you can email Joe Ryan at The Preferred Group and/or reach out to any trustee for assistance. For your convenience, we'll start posting an archive of these email updates on the CCTBF site.


In solidarity,

Jeff Knisely, Chairman of the Chappaqua Congress of Teachers Benefit Fund

Ellen Pincus, Trustee - Retirees

Brian Petruso, Horace Greeley High School

Andy Sturm, Seven Bridges Middle School

Gina Serafin, Robert E. Bell Middle School

Charles Buchanan, Horace Greeley High School

Lisa Ribushofski, Westorchard Elementary School

New Dental Cards


August 27, 2020

Dear Member of the CCTBF,


You will be receiving a new Anthem Dental Card in the mail in the next few days. It notes the new co-pay for individuals and families that was recently enacted by the Trustees. As of July, 2020 individuals have an annual deductible of $50 and families have an annual deductible of $150, with the exception of preventative services. Please note that, for a very few of you, the new cards have a new member number on it. If the number is different than the one on your existing card, you must be certain to share it with your provider.


Additionally, if your provider is in the Aetna network, we are suggesting you share the attached instructions so that they may submit your claim in the proper manner. 


Dear Aetna Provider,


We utilize two PPO networks, Anthem and Aetna. Our billing system runs through the Anthem network. 


If you would submit your Aetna claim through the Anthem network using the information provided on the member’s Anthem card, it will be repriced using the Aetna rates and paid to you appropriately. 


We appreciate your help and understanding on behalf of your patient, our member! Should the dental office need further instructions please contact The Preferred Group at 800-573-7474.

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