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Group Legal Services Plan






For Legal Service Plan assistance, please call or email:

Elizabeth Harold, Esq., Direct: (914) 461-3232 | Email:





The plan covers the plan member, spouse, children to the age of 19, living at home, or dependent children in school and not gainfully employed to age 25. The plan is limited to the practice of law in the States of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey and within a 50- mile radius of your place of employment (see Reduced Fee # 10 & 11 below for member parent benefits).




  1. Consultation and General Advice (in office, by phone or virtually)

​a. Any personal matter

b. Any business matter


2. Simple Document Preparation or Review (personal, non-business matters):

a. Loan Agreements

b. Contracts to buy or sell personal property, e.g.: automobiles

c. Installment sale contract, e.g.: to purchase household furnishings

d. Leases

3. Correspondence and Telephone Communication to Third Parties (personal, non-business matters):

a. Property damages claims, e.g., automobile accidents

b. Consumer problems, e.g., defective products or services

c. Negotiation of debt repayment obligations

d. Protection against improper debt collection practices

e. Landlord/Tenant matters


4. Purchase and sale of house, condominium or cooperative apartment (Member’s primary residence)


5. Simple Will, including testamentary trust for child or children


6. Living Will, Medical Care Proxy


7. General Power of Attorney


8. Initial appearance at Criminal and Family Court (Emergency night telephone number is provided below)




1. Anything not specifically included in the Plan


2. Claims between members of the Plan


3. Claims between the member, spouse, or dependent and the Trust Fund, the Association or the School District or arising under the Collective Bargaining Agreement


4. Matters currently with another attorney


5. Unmeritorious or spite claims


6. Litigation before any Court or Administrative Tribunal




1. Purchase or sale of house, condominium or cooperative apartment (non-primary residence):

House or Condominium: $1,500; Coop: $1,750


2. Traffic Court matters: $500 per pre-trial Court appearance or trial by agreement


3. Administration or Probate of Estate: 15% discount on attorney’s fees.

Applies for member, spouse, parents, and parents-in law.


4. Name change: $1,000


5. Uncontested Adoption: $1,200


6. Uncontested Divorce with Separation Agreement: $1,200;

Uncontested Separation or Divorce Agreement: $1,200; excludes negotiation


7. Personal injury actions: 25% contingency fee


8. Business and personal matters not set forth in the Fixed Fee Schedule:

Fees shall be mutually agreed to by the attorney and client


9. Simple will, living will, medical care proxy and general power of attorney to parents and parents-in-law of members: $750 per couple or individual (NY and CT residents only for documents prepared and signed at the White Plains, NY or Fairfield, CT office, as appropriate).


10. Referral to Elder Law attorney with 20% discount on attorney’s fees. Applies for member, spouse, parents, and parents-in-law.


NOTE: Court and filing fees or other disbursements are payable by the client.



Elizabeth G. Harold, Esq.

Harold, Salant, Strassfield & Rotbard, LLP

Elizabeth Harold, Esq., Direct: (914) 461-3232 | Email: Paula Thomas, Paralegal: (914) 358-7501 | Email:

Elizabeth Harold’s Cell Phone, Emergency Use: (617) 851-4078 Main: (914) 683-2500 | Fax: (914) 683-1279

81 Main Street, Suite 205 | White Plains, New York 10601


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