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I wanted to reach out and let you know that I had the opportunity to meet with Paul Kiley today.  The meeting was very beneficial!  Paul addressed all of the topics that I was interested in discussing, and he clearly is very knowledgeable.  Additionally, Paul offered other perspectives and options that I had previously not given much thought to.  I would highly recommend him to other people.  Thank you for helping me set up this appointment.  I really appreciated being able to meet with him, in person.

Announcements & Updates

Your Benefits Booklet has been updated and reposted on January 26, 2024.


For questions related to your coverage, please contact our plan administrator, The Preferred Group (TPG). For general TPG assistance, call (866) 989-8997 or (518) 641-0321


Claims Submission:

Benefit Questions:

For Retiree
s inquiring about their billing please call (518) 641-0321 or send an email to

Your Benefits Fund coverage provides a life insurance policy through Mutual of Omaha for each of its members.  Members need to re-certify your beneficiaries every 5 years. 

Excellent vision benefits for members of 

Chappaqua Congress of Teachers Benefit Fund

The Anthem Dental Network was added to our dental offerings late in the 2019 school year. We hope you are finding the time to utilize all of your benefits and wanted to alert you to some observations and clarifications.

You can use this information to help you find a dentist in-network with Aetna or Anthem

Click this link for instructions on logging in to TPG to send claims, access your dental benefits, and see other information.

Benefit Fund Trustees

Jeff Knisely, Chairman of the Chappaqua Congress of Teachers Benefit Fund

Ellen Pincus, Trustee - Retirees

Brian Petruso, Horace Greeley High School


Andy Sturm, Seven Bridges Middle School


Gina Serafin, Robert E. Bell Middle School


Charles Buchanan, Horace Greeley High School

Lisa Ribushofski, Westorchard Elementary School

ARchived Emails

For general TPG assistance, call 518-641-0321  


Claims Submission:

Benefit Questions:

For Retiree’s inquiring about their billing please call 518-641-0321 or send an email to

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