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CCTBF Benefits for Retirees

  • Is life insurance available? Can dental be split from vision?
No and no. It is an all or nothing package, vision, dental, and legal services. The premise of offering this was to maintain all the services and benefits you enjoyed as an active member (less life insurance) thus making life easier.
By the way, if you are in the NYSTRS system for your pension you will have a declining value life insurance policy from NYSTRS. See your retirement material for details.
  • What are payment amounts? Payable monthly/yearly?
The annual retiree premium is set yearly in June. It is based on the contractual amount paid to the Fund by the District for active members. Retirees pay the same amount LESS the cost of the life insurance, which is the only benefit from the Fund retirees DO NOT carry into retirement. Payment is made in a lump sum paid by the end of July of the plan year (7/1- 6/30).
  • Are eligible benefits the same as when employed?
Yes, with the exception of life insurance. You get vision, dental, and legal benefits.
  • For how many years can a retiree be in the Fund?
As long as they pay the annual premium!
  • Who can be covered?  Same as who was on plan during last year of employment?
The individual and dependents as defined in the booklet. 
  • Once a new retiree does not enroll in the Fund, can they enroll in a future year?
No, they get one opportunity to stay enrolled at the time of retirement. If they choose to leave, they may NOT rejoin the Fund again in the future.
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