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Dental and Vision Updates

Dental Benefits

Anthem has issued dental identification cards this week. Look for your new card in your home mail soon, if it hasn't yet arrived.


  1. Members will be receiving Anthem Dental cards for Anthem Dental providers.  You should use your existing PGBlue card for Aetna providers. Note: If your dental provider is Aetna – the claim still needs to go to Anthem (this is the only dental claim form you need) – when Anthem returns the claim as out of network,TPG will pick it up as Aetna and the claim will be paid via the appropriate network.

  2. There is a specific way to search for Anthem Dental providers and the guidelines are on the site – if you follow the directions exactly there should be no issues finding a provider.  A copy of those guidelines is attached to a previously sent email.

  3. If you have a 19-26 year old child who attends college be sure to complete the Dependent Certification form on the CCTBF homepage.  Summer dental work for those children requires the fall semester to be certified in order to be reimbursed.


Vision Benefits


The vision benefits for eligible members of the Chappaqua Teachers Benefits Fund cover prescription eye wear only.  In order to use your vision benefits, you must first have an updated Eye Examination. If it is determined that you require a prescription you are able to use your benefits to cover your prescription eyeglasses or contacts. The plan covers an additional spare pair of single prescription glasses, whether at Raymond or elsewhere.  Raymond Opticians will also allow non-prescription sunglasses as your free spare pair only if you have received a primary pair of prescription glasses.

Remember: If you encounter any difficulties with your dental or vision providers you can best address them by contacting The Preferred Group (1-800-573-7474) as they are responsible for the management of all Benefit Fund offerings.


~CCTBF Trustees

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