Raymond Opticians is offering a voucher (one per family)

for a free eye exam and pair of glasses  that can be given to anyone.


Any CCTBF member that has been serviced by

Raymond Opticians this plan year should be receiving

their voucher in the mail soon.


The included frame selection from Raymond Opticians has been expanded to include more selected designer frames than ever before.



There are two ways to use your Vision Care Benefit.

  1. Raymond Opticians (Preferred Provider - claim form will be filled out by them)

  2. Out-of-Network (OON) Provider (this claim form will need to be submitted)

Effective June 1, 2020, the Fund reestablished vision coverage through Raymond Opticians. Under this program, members and eligible dependents have the option of utilizing an in-network provider (Raymond Opticians.)


If an in-network provider is utilized, the plan will provide enhanced benefit. 

If a member chooses not to use a network provider, he/she is able to use any vision provider. 

First year fund members are limited to a maximum $500 in combined dental and vision services combined. 


Vision Care Cash Deductible – None (Each Covered Person – per Plan Year) 

Payment Percentage – The plan pays 100% of the Schedule shown below: 


Eye Examination, Non-Medical Diagnosis: $ 75 


Frames: $150 



  1. Single              $ 80 

  2. Bi-focal            $120

  3. Progressive     $200 

  4. Contacts         $250

Designer Frame Credit (see flyer)


A Routine Eye Examination is covered once every 12-months.

Benefits Eyeglasses/Contact Lenses are paid once every 12 months. 

Dependents up until they are 26 are eligible regardless of full time student status.

The plan will only pay amounts up to the actual charge and is not responsible for charges in excess of the schedule.  Glasses are covered if a visual deficiency exists. 

Arrangements have been made with Raymond Opticians to provide the following benefits to all eligible members and their eligible dependents: 


  • Comprehensive eye exam 

  • Choice of approximately 500 of the most fashionable frames on the market at no cost 

  • U.V., scratch-coating and tinting at no additional cost 

  • Contact lenses standard daily wear, full year supply 

  • A second pair of eyeglasses, single vision, or prescription sunglasses, from a special selection of frames, at no additional cost. 

By using one of these providers, you and your eligible dependents will be able to receive a vision examination and glasses with no out-of-pocket expense.


The program offers a large selection of frames and lenses from which you may choose. If you decide not to choose from this selection, you will have to pay the provider the difference.


This link is for current offerings from Raymond Optical for active members.